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What you should know About Reckless Driving vs DUI.

Reckless driving has its consequences and most of us know about them. However, people are yet to engage in the best and professional driving life no matter the dangers that come with reckless driving or driving under influence. Negligence driving, DUI or aggressive driving are all under reckless driving. Apart from you becoming a victim of dangerous driving maybe by going to prison, you might cause fatalities.
Whether you own a car or not, you should be aware of the reckless driving vs DUI rules to know what is expected of you and what to do when you are a victim of reckless driving. Important things to note from reckless driving vs DUI law are the consequences of reckless driving, what constitutes driving recklessly and what one should do is they become victims of people driving carelessly. Reckless driving vs DUI laws refers to DUI as taking intoxicants before you drive.

If DUI leads to reckless driving, you can find yourself facing serious consequences such as imprisonment. The reckless driving vs DUI law identifies bad traffic etiquette as reckless driving. For example, if you are a tailgater, know that you are among people who are driving recklessly.

If you have ever ignored any road sign, you lack driving etiquette and therefore you are a reckless driver. Also, it is unacceptable to weave in and out of traffic as this is reckless driving that can be termed as an offense and hence should be punished under reckless driving vs DUI law. Poor driving etiquette such as excessive driving are also categorized as reckless driving. Speeding excessively can cause fatal accidents both to the driver and other road users. If you are found of changing lanes without signaling, you are driving recklessly and thus can be punished for that.
Never drive while drowsy as this will make you to forget about the driving etiquette. Distracted driving, which can include use of mobile phone while driving should be avoided as it also constitutes carelessness on the road. If you should be on your phone most time, go for the cars with modern technology that will allow you pick calls without distractions.

Everyone should work towards preventing reckless driving due to the adverse effects that they bring to road users. Never mute on reckless driving, report such cases to police and take legal action whenever you become a victim of someone’s poor driving etiquette. Be a good ambassador of practicing driving laws and encouraging others to follow the suit.
You can start or perfect your good driving etiquette by finding content on the same which constitute reading and understanding the driving laws.
Driving laws are not meant to suppress anyone and limit you from having good time with your car but to take care of you and others.